вторник, 10 июня 2008 г.

Promises, Promises For the New Year

"Where's Kyle?!" That's probably what two parents exclaimed when they discovered their young son disappeared during a drive to London. He had slipped out of his mother's car in search of candy at a gas station. His parents, driving in separate cars with their three other children, thought he was with the other. The family was reunited after Kyle spent the day at a police station.

Students in Ray Greco's 11th-grade science class in Butler, Pa., conducted an "interesting" experiment in alternative foods: They fried worms, dipped them in chocolate, and ate them. In a brave move, Erica Link passed up the chocolate to report they tasted like pumpkin seeds -"crunchy and hollow." Andrea Karenbauer skipped class, saying she had "better things to do than eat worms." Promises, Promises For the New Year

Of the 26 percent of Americans who made resolutions last year, 52 percent say they kept them, according to the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Here's what some people are resolving for 1998 (with percentages) in the institute's survey of 935 adults:

Lose weight 19% Spend less money 12 Stop smoking 11 Eat healthier 10 Get rid of a bad habit 5 Go back to school 5 Exercise more 5 Be a better person 4 Get a better job 4 Get closer to God 4 Get organized 3 Be a better parent 3 Be kinder to others 2 Increase family time 2 Volunteer 1 Move/buy a new home 1 Other 9

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