вторник, 10 июня 2008 г.

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Minute by Minute

7.15pm, The History Channel (6.45pm, Adel; 5.15pm, Perth)

With the catastrophe unfolding in New York, the attack on the Pentagon was overshadowed. This piece, one of three 9/11 docos screening here on the second anniversary, chronicles the Washington attack.

Dirty Bomb: Catalyst Special Report

8pm, ABC

An interesting documentary from the BBC's Horizon science show on the terrorist threat from dirty bombs. However, the tone seems at times contradictory. While it argues that the health impact of such devices may have been overplayed, the editing and music suggest you should be waking in terror. Also worrying is the analysis of two attack scenarios -- way to do the terrorists' research for them, guys.

How the Twin Towers Collapsed

9.40pm, Seven

Not to be tactless, but don't we already know? This has aired twice, and surely there are better ways to remember the dead than replaying their demise, again.

True Stories: Friend or Foe

10pm, ABC

Friendly fire doesn't seem so friendly when the outcome is a tragic death. A heartbreaking British doco that talks to soldiers and their families about coping with either the loss of their loved ones or the guilt of killing one of your own.

Desperado and El Mariachi

8.30pm and 10.15pm, Encore

In 1992, director Robert Rodriguez captured the movie world's attention with El Mariachi, an engaging flick about a mariachi who is mistaken for a hit man. Three years later, he made Desperado, essentially a remake with bigger budget and better-looking cast (Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek).

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